Rat in the Attic
Rat in the Attic

Do You Have Mice in Your Covington Attic?

One of the worst pest problems in Covington is mice. They carry a number of dangerous diseases and other pests. Their droppings can be even more dangerous than their bite. They multiply fast as well. You can have a full-on infestation very quickly if you wait to address the problem. Typical indications of a mouse problem are noises being heard at night and scratching in the attic. They leave small droppings and dig tunnels in insulation and other materials as well. Your attic is what they are looking for in terms of shelter and nesting materials. Allowing Mice to stay in your attic will result in expensive repairs and a lot of clean-up. Unfortunately, having mice almost always means that snakes will follow. Mice are a common source of food for snakes and the predator will follow the prey right into your attic.

Dangers of Mice in your Attic

There are several reasons you should not handle a problem with Mice on your own. They can carry external parasites such as fleas, flies, maggots, ticks, and mites. Viruses, such as Hepatitis E, are not uncommon. Contamination can put your health and the health of your family and pets at risk. They can also cause major damages to your attic. Droppings and urine can insulation and they will scratch and tear up drywall. The worst problem, however, is chewing. Mice and other rodents have teeth that never stop growing so they gnaw on whatever is available. If wires are left exposed you are at risk of having a house fire. There are so many reasons to call professionals for help. Your family’s safety should be at the top of that list. Call Xceptional Wildlife today.

Mice In The Attic, Walls

If you see one in your attic, more than likely, it is not alone. They breed very quickly and they need to be removed from your attic before you have an infestation. An average litter is 5-10, gestation is 18-22 days. This means your problem can get out of control rapidly and the expense only gets bigger along with the infestation. Make no mistake, these critters can and will create serious damage to your home if allowed to stay. After they are gone your attic will need to be cleaned and sanitized to remove the risk of disease. Insulation, wood, and drywall in your attic may need to be replaced. You need to have them removed as soon as you are aware of them.

Mouse Extermination

Our team here at Xceptional Wildlife is made up of trained exterminators. We will set traps to capture those that are in your home. We understand the behavior of these animals and know the best traps and where to place them. There are many DIY options out there, but you shouldn’t put yourself or your home at risk. These rodents are covered in fleas that are full of terrible diseases that can be life-threatening. Let us help you with an extermination and exclusion plan.

Mouse Damage Repair

After we seal up the entry points so that they can no longer get into your home, we will safely clean up the damage. Droppings, dead bodies, contaminated insulation, and drywall left behind by Mice can be hazardous to you and your family. Attics can be small spaces with poor ventilation so proper gear must be used to disinfect the area. We will sanitize the area and repair the damage that they may have caused. Call us at Xceptional today!